Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Perhaps If I Make a Summer Quilt....

I'm thinking if I make a summer quilt it might become summer here. After all we seem to be skipping spring. Anyways., I got my Fourth of July quilt back from my quilter. I seem to be doing a holiday series with this quilt pattern here, here, & here. I feel a Halloween quilt in my future!
There is a wonderful variegated star quilting pattern on this quilt that I love. Once again my quilter did a wonderful job.
So on to the next quilt and in honor of summer I have started, of all things, a fruit and vegetable quilt. So the center of the quilt might look like this....
....or perhaps it may look like this. I'll have fun on the design wall with this one.
I only have to make about a million more of these half square triangles.
But who can resist these fun fabrics that I never thought I would like in a quilt. I love them!
Now excuse me while I wrap myself up in a quilt and try to warm up in front of the fire as it is cold, cold, cold here today in NH. Apologies to Libby, Nicole and other California friends who are sweltering.


  1. Love them all, especially the surprising fruity one!

  2. LOVE the star quilting! I am also planning on making a fruits and veggies quilt this summer (but I haven't picked a pattern or started)!

  3. Love them...that star quilting is wonderful!

  4. Yep - that's how I get fall in my life . . . with quilts *s* 'If you make it - it will come'

  5. Having a trusted and gifted longarm quilter is such a blessing... congrats on the finish, love the fruits/veggies, and sending wishes for warmer weather!

  6. The holiday quilts are wonderful! I love switching things out for holidays it makes everything feel new and fresh again.

  7. Love the quilts. Hope the summer one brings back the warm weather. Cuddling under a quilt sounds like a good thing to do today... since there were flurries in the air this morning.

  8. O.k I am so going to copy cat you on the 4th of July quilt!!! Sooo cute! And I know you don't mind 'cause we already talked about it right? :)
    And I can't wait to see the fruits and vegetable quilt---it looks so fun! By the way our weather here in So. Cal changed and today it was rather chilly!

  9. They are wonderful - but of course! You are soooo good Chris!


  10. I love your fourth of July quilt, and yes, your quilter did a great job! The fruit and veggie quilt will certainly be different! Can't wait to see what your end result will be.... a masterpiece, I'm sure.

  11. I think a fruit and vegetable quilt is perfect for spring/summer. It's garden time after all. The fruits and vegies make me think of summer reunions, BBQ's and suppers on the patio. I love the layout you chose!

  12. Your red, white and blue quilt is great!


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