Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fruit of the Loom

A cold and rainy weekend in NH so I am doing some sewing on my fruit and vegetable quilt and having fun with it. My husband unfortunately came into my sewing room, saw the quilt on the design wall and declared it the "Fruit of the Loom" quilt! Now I have a picture in my head. Help!


  1. How 'bout "Fruit of Life"? Maybe that will get it out of your head, lol. Whatever it is, you've got an amazing color sense!! That is just gorgeous!


  2. Fruit of the Loom.... love it. The pattern looks great!

  3. hahaha..that is so funny! I love the quilt though..yes cold and rainy..this weekend was yucky sun today though! did you go to Hannah Dustin Quilt Show? I did put some pics on my blog..

  4. That is too funny. Leave it up to a man to think of something like that.

  5. I love the title...and this is just SO pretty! The colors are as lovely as can be.

    I hope your weekend is sweet...Happy Mother's Day!


  6. I love your blog and I will come back soon! Thanks again for all your great ideas I love your favorite blogs too! Ro

  7. I love the looks of this so far. Love the colours.

  8. My husband is prone to that same kind of behavior -- hence the nickname tic-tac-toe quilt for a very proper blue/yellow piece and another he dubbed The Zax (after the Dr. Seuss story)... he makes me laugh, which is a good thing.

    Happy stitching -- it is gray and rainy here but I must head off to work when I would SO rather stay home and sew...

  9. You do such beautiful work, have that talent!!! Your grandbaby is getting so big, too! They grow up too fast - my "baby" is already 7!

  10. That is a quilt that will be very eye catching. Great job!

  11. garden delight???
    quilt looks great so far...the name well I would change it too!
    Can't wait to see more!


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