Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Here-Can You See Me Waving?

Honest to goodness, I'm still here. I think after being in winter prison here in NH for such a horrible winter, when the first hint of spring emerged we were all like in the Shawshank Redemption, outside with our arms raised to the sky saying, "I'm Free!" So hubby and I, but especially hubby, have been getting caught up on outdoor chores and I have been enjoying the walks with Baby C when I babysit him. I think we are almost due for a post from Baby C since he is one now. Maybe this Friday. He has changed so much since that first post last year.

Most of the time has been spent at work. I work at a college and the end of the year is so busy. But graduation happened Saturday and new shiny faces will be here in August and I have the summer off starting next week. A new cycle begins. Perhaps I can get to the sewing machine and finish Fruit of the Loom, or whatever I end up calling that quilt. Plus many other UFO's that need attention.

So I promise, more posts coming. Until then, happy quilting, or thrifting, or knitting or whatever you do for fun.


  1. Enjoy! I knew spring just had to arrive for you . . . someday *s*

  2. We were feeling the same way this spring, man that seemed like a looooong winter. It sure makes us appreciate spring!

  3. I'm glad you've finally got Spring there! It's nice to be outside when that finally happens (well I would imagine experience since I'm a Socal girl born and raised!) Love the quilt in your photo :)

  4. iijhsOur Autumn just turned rather ugly this afternoon. Can't complain though, it has been nice & mild.
    Good luck with your break, & some time to yourself!

  5. Beautiful quilt Chris. Enjoy your holidays :-}

  6. I worked on a college campus for 7 years, but in the fundraising side so we didn't get our summers off. In fact, those weeks before and after graduation were the busiest of the year (fiscal year end, graduates becoming alumni, and incoming students/parents to get into the computer system).

    I wish you well as you enjoy your break!!

  7. I love your quilts. Having 5 cats (and 2 dogs) myself, I underswtand how hard it is to keep their hair off everything.

  8. very pretty quilt
    Enjoy your few months off. What college do you work at?
    My dd almost went to school in NH, we still wished she would have picked that school. We plan to move to NH in a few years


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In glory I will stand,
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