Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby C. Here!

Hi Everyone, Baby C. here!
I'm at my Gram's house! At the college she works at she has a new job this year and her very nice boss lets her work four days a week instead of five. That means I get to come stay at her house every Friday! Today it was really nice outside so we got to do one of my most favorite things in the world-go for a walk! So I thought I could show you my Gram and Gramp's neighborhood. My Gram and Gramp's house is the last house on the street so it's in a nice place to play.
We walked all the way to the dentist's office up the street so my Gram could pay the bill. She told me that she has spent thousands of dollars here, whatever those are, on my Daddy's and Auntie's teeth.
We went all the way to the top of the street. My Gram lives way down there.
While were walking a pretty leave fell on my stroller. Gram thinks it came from her neighbor's tree that is really pretty red and orange right now. They have a swing set in their yard. I hope my Gram and Gramps get one for me.
Then we were back at Gram's house.

They built a big room over their new garage just for me! I already have toys and my own table in there. I played with Gram in there almost all day today because I didn't want to take any naps. My Gramps is putting siding on it now but my Gram doesn't think he will ever be done. She is sick of seeing the siding with the word "tyvek" on it. Then my Mommy, Daddy, Gramps, Auntie and Uncle came over for dinner that my Daddy cooked but they wouldn't let me try it. It looked good. Bye for now. I hope you liked seeing my Gram and Gramp's neighborhood. See you next Friday.


  1. Great post and what a lovely smiley baby ! Bet Fridays are the best day of the week.

  2. Adorable! The post and the baby! This made my day.

  3. Baby C, you are a lil' doll baby!

    Love that shot of the fall leaf on your stroller!


  4. What a sweet post and a darling sweet grandbaby! Enjoyed the post.

  5. What a treasure of a baby! He is just beautiful.
    Lovely post!!
    And oh, those pretty leaves!

  6. Oh what a face...just a doll baby. Such a happy post that left me with a big smile!

    Your leaves are so pretty...we are waiting on ours!

    Delicious dinner!


  7. Oh, how cute! Thanks for visiting my blog. I scrolled down your blog a little ways, and I saw that although you don't really like roosters, you do have some lovely hens! :)


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