Monday, April 21, 2008

Mr. Winter Has Left the Building

I haven't updated this blog in almost two weeks, which my son pointed out to me over the weekend, at which point I pointed out to him that he hasn't updated his since before Christmas when Baby C was crawling. Now Baby C has turned one and is walking. Time flies!

Anyways, we finally got some spring weather and I was loving it so much that I was outside instead of inside at a computer so that's my excuse and I am sticking to it. It has been a welcome break from an awful winter. I am not getting my hopes up too high as it has been known to snow in April and sometimes even in May. I have done a little quilt making. I could not resist this patriotic print called Hip Hip Hurrah from Marcus Brothers. It's by the same designers that I used in my Christmas and Valentine quilts so I guess I like what they design.

I have put together some blocks and will sew them together one of these days.
My daughter and I also went to a quilt show and one of the vendors had the Prairie Paisley line and it is really a beautiful set of fabrics. I bought a few and one of them is this blue fabric which I am using in this little quilt. The rest of them are probably going into another scrap quilt I have planned.
Other than that, let's hope spring stays here but I've lived in New England long enough to know not to get my hopes up.


  1. That patriotic fabric is as cute as it can be...LOVE it! That light blue from Prairie Paisley is perfect with it. That's going to be one wonderful quilt.

  2. Hi Chris.
    This is really pretty fabric and it's going to make a gorgeous quilt.
    I'm glad to hear that winter has taken leave there. I thought we had a tough winter but after seeing your pictures I think I should stop complaining.
    The good thing about winters like that is that you probably get a lot of quilting done seeing as how you probably can't do much else. On the flip side you'd probably be anywhere else for at least part of the winter. I know I would have been this year.
    Well carry on and hope that you can get a few flowers planted in the not too distant future.
    Take care.

  3. That patriotic fabric is just as cute as can be . . . I'm currently in an Americana mood, too *s*

  4. LOVE the name of your blog! How do cats know when their is a quilt around! They are just too funny!


  5. Beautiful material~can't wait to see the finished product! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that spring is finally here!!

  6. I hope spring stays for you and for us here in MO. Love your patriotic fabric.

  7. That fabric is as sweet as can be! What a wonderful quilt it will be.

    Spring turned into Summer today when it hit 80 degrees! I still have so much gardening to do...I hope it stays a bit cooler as I love Spring temps so. The trees and blossoms have all been so pretty though.

    Have a wonderful Thursday!


  8. Thanks for sharing your story of your daughter. She sounds like an amazing person, and I am happy that April 24th means something special for you, too...

    Happy Birthday to YOUR miracle!

  9. Love a little red, white & blue!! Have a blessed Sunday,
    kari & kijsa

  10. I'm so with you! I want all of my bedding plants to be put in and yet I just have to hold out that little bit longer, just incase we have another cold snap. If we do then we'll have to bring our jasmine indoors, eeeek!

    I love the fabric you are using in this post Chris, good find!

    Cherry xoxoxox

  11. Welcome Spring... goodbye Mr. Winter! I love your patriotic fabric... the kids are so cute!


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