Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Primary Day and a Valentine Quilt

It's primary day in NH and despite it being 7 degrees last week, today it was 61 degrees! I know that won't last. Anyways, there was an amazing amount of people voting when I went to vote. Politics is a very interesting process in NH and I like all the excitement. I won't miss the 40 calls a day from politicians but I will miss the occasional encounter with a candidate.

I was supposed to go back to work yesterday but when I got there Fox News Radio was using my work area for broadcasting so I got to come home and enjoy two more days off from work. The presidential debates were at the college where I work last Saturday and Fox News has been there ever since. I'll be glad when they are gone-I miss work and they take all the good parking spaces!

But I have used the time to finish up another quilt-this one for Valentines Day. It's the same pattern as a Christmas one I made that I wrote about here and here. I love this pattern and am planning on making a series of them with holiday themes.
I started with this wonderful Marcus Brothers Valentines Day fabric by the same designers as the Christmas fabric I used previously. It has poems from old valentines and wonderful vintage images all over. The line is called "Sweet Valentine" if you are looking for it and the designers are Edelen Wille.
I also used some of the companion prints in this line and I especially like the toile like fabric.
So off to my quilter it went and back to work I go tomorrow.


  1. Very nice quilt! I love its vintage-y-ness!

    I can't even imagine the chaos of the primaries in New Hampshire. I love reading everyone's experiences. I've seen only a few presidential candidates in person -- Pat Buchanan and Howard Dean. Pretty much the opposite end of each spectrum!

  2. Cute as can be...what wonderful fabric. That just must be a crazy experience having the primaries in NH...all those media people...YIKES!

  3. I love the fabric you've chosen for your Valentine quilt.

  4. I bet you're glad the media frenzy is gone. Nice to have the chance to find a little extra quilting time . . . the latest is very nice *s*

  5. Chris, this is about the cutest quilt I have seen! LOVE the mix of fabrics and sweet design. Looks very Mary Englebreit looking!


  6. What a cute quilt. I love the Valentine fabric and the toile too.

  7. I love that valentines fabric! How cute is that!

    All the political doings sound like a wild time! That was nice that you got some more time off!


  8. The fabric is great! I love it..

    I am digging up fabric to start a Valentine's Day quilt as well.

  9. This is a really cutevalentine quilt. The fabric is perfect. I guess one good thing came out of the primaries, you got 2 days off, lol.

  10. Hi. I like your quilt and that fabric is great. I am a quilter too! Rhondi

  11. A D O R A B L E!!!!!


  12. I love the vintage Valentine fabric. Cute quilt!! What a great way to spend your time off from work.

  13. Very cute fabric! Must have been quite an experience having all of that bustle around.


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