Thursday, January 3, 2008

Snuggled In

No offense to Kim at Daisy Cottage who complained about it being in the 30's in Florida this morning, but it is mighty cold here in NH-below zero. We have had yet more snow-one storm on December 30th and one on New Year's Day-so we are snuggled in with the wood stove going trying to stay warm. I took this picture at dusk yesterday to show you that the snow is half way up the windows on the lower floor.

But it's nice to be still be on vacation from work. I got some extra time off because the presidential candidates are having a debate this Saturday at the college where I work and we got kicked out of our building by Fox news who are using it for a headquarters until primary day. Hey I'll take the extra time off because it gives me time to do this...
I'm making a quilt for someone special and have been able to spend time in my sewing room working away. The fabric is Chocolate Lollipop from the delightful Anna Maria. The red and pink fabric is the backing.
I just love this happy fabric with all it's wonderful combinations of colors. Just what I needed to see on a cold gray day. I even ventured out to get it to my quilter and it had warmed up to 7 degrees by the time I got out. It's a heat wave!


  1. What fun fabrics! Seeing all that snow makes me miss it. I havent' seen a good snow fall in years.

  2. Very pretty fabric! It is cold down here, but no snow. I am sure the shoceling gets annoying, but I sure do miss those snowed in days. So very pretty!

  3. What happy, fun fabric!

    I loved all your snow pictures. We have some here and it has been so cold too. It gets old though I know...shoveling and tracking in and driving in it!

    Happy, happy new year!!


  4. That is some happy, fun looking fabric . . . glad to see you are making the most of your work exile *s* Enjoy!

  5. O.K. I wont complain about my bad weather anymore LOL!


  6. What lovely bright fun fabric to work with on a snowy day :-}

  7. Gosh Chris - that doesn't look THAT cold!




I pray that risen from the dead,
In glory I will stand,
A crown perhaps upon my head,
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