Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Cold Breezy Day

A very cold day here in the north so a good day to watch the Patriots and sew the binding on this quilt which I got back from my quilter. I think she did an excellent job picking a design and a thread color for this colorful quilt. It sure feels good over my legs keeping them warm as I sew. It's always about this time of year I dream of an escape to Florida!
I also got my Valentine quilt back and once again she did a great job with a cute heart design in red and I have already sewn the binding on this one. I love sitting with it on my lap in the evening when I am unwinding.I haven't been in too many thrift or second hand stores recently but I did find this drying rack recently that I am using as a quilt rack. I love the green color of the chippy paint and it's perfect for my smaller quilts in my family room.

So that's about it. I have been very busy at work as second semester starts at the college where I am employed so that's the excuse I'm using for the lack of posts. That's the curse and the blessing of working in academics. You have very busy times rewarded by long stretches of time off. I'm counting the days until the next stretch of time off. Spring break-soon, very soon.


  1. your blog name and your blog. I especially enjoyed looking at your ornaments. I have made some of those smocked ornaments. I am in South Carolina, and we have had a hint of snow a couple of times since the first of the year - maybe a total for the month of 4 inches. Your snow looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us Southerners.

  2. Your quilts are beautiful! I always enjoy putting the binding on a quilt. It's pretty much says "I'm done!" Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful quilts and I like them displayed on that drying rack! We're all counting the days until Spring Break. I can't believe were so tired already. School has only been in session for three weeks!


  4. I love the valentine quilt, came out very nice! Your choice of fabrics is wonderful! I love the pink/chocolate quilt too! where do you buy your fabrics? they are so nice! Your rack is adorable! You have snow like we do here in Nashua!!! brrrr....

  5. I was visiting my sister in Wisconsin and discovered a maple quilt rack hand made by the Amish for $60. I couldn't believe the price, and snapped it up, not considering how I would get it home to California. I went to a packing store and it cost $40 to box it up, then $80 to ship it on the plane. My bargain ended up being rather pricey, but I still love it!

  6. I love your quilts, especially on that great old drying rack! I've been looking for one of those myself~


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