Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Real vs. Faux

I got an e-mail recently about the ornaments I posted. The question was not about the ornaments but about the tree. Was it real or faux? You'd think living in NH surrounded by trees that I would most certainly have a real tree but, here goes......--I have a faux tree. There I've said it!
We used to always have real trees but somewhere along the line it got really expensive and one year after Christmas I got a faux tree for very little and I've never looked back. I think it's the thrifty part of me that likes the faux trees because they really do pay for themselves after a few years. Plus I hate seeing the dried up trees after Christmas sitting in the snowbanks to be thrown out. It seems like such a waste.
Another reason I love it is because I love seeing my ornaments so I put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. I have been especially proficient at decorating trees this year. I have put up the tree, decorated it, undecorated it, took it down, put up another tree, decorated again! After seeing my old tree in my new family room with the cathedral ceiling I decided it was too small. So down it came and shopping I went and I love the new tree. I gave my old tree to my daughter's brother in law who is a new home owner.
And the tree skirt I made this past summer looks good under there. It's too bad it has to be mostly covered up.
My Mom used to tell us kids that the little elf near the top of the tree was there to watch over us and see who was bad and good. I don't know how he could since his eyes are closed! We still believed it though!

So what are you-real or faux. And please, don't ever use that other word, (fake)!!


  1. I'm 'faux' Like you we did real for years and years . . . until I saw THE tree. It was being used to display ornaments for sale at a store in town. I immediately asked how I could get one and the owner said I could buy hers the day after Christmas. I was there with bells on and haven't looked back *s*

  2. I love the Faux too. Yours is beautiful, & you have decorated it so nicely.

  3. We too had to go FAUX and yours is so lovely. It is definitely hard to tell anyway! I love how you have decorated it and how it all just glows!


  4. http://catdays.livejournal.comFriday, December 14, 2007 at 6:45:00 AM EST

    We've always had faux trees in our home. I see it as our christmas gift to nature.


  5. We're faux... but I love the smell of real! Got to find that smell in a bottle somewhere!

  6. Beautiful tree & tree skirt Chris. It's always a real tree for us - I think if we had an artificial one I would put it up right after Halloween :-}

  7. I am a faux person too. The though of cutting down a tree and killing it for my pleasure is something I just can't do.
    Your tree is beautiful.
    Best Christmas wishes Brenda:)

  8. Thanks Chris! I think I figured it out!


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