Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Corners

Here are some more of corners of my home with some treasured Christmas decorations.

This is the tea pot, sugar and creamer that matches my Mom's tea cups. My sharp eyed daughter spotted these years ago at a yard sale.
Speaking of daughters, these are my daughter's first pair of ice skates. No double runners for her-she started out on single blade skates when she was about 5 years old. She had a little lawn chair that she would push in front of her for balance but she was quite the skater. My husband built a little rink next to the garage and would go out there and put water on it for nights on end to get enough ice built up. They loved it and I loved not having to drive them to local pond for skating.
These Christmas balls were made by my Mom. She was a sewing teacher and one of the arts she taught was smocking. I have a number of her ornaments on the tree but I like seeing these on the dining table.
This year I put a tree on my kitchen island. I stole the idea from Mary at Little Red House. I tied cookie cutters onto it and draped it with an aluminum garland that was on my tree as a kid. Then plopped it in a crock. I love how it looks in the kitchen.
Now show me some of your Christmas corners.


  1. Oooh! The ice skates on the chair are just darling and the tree! I have those same older cookie cutters. They don't work really well anymore, but they are too special not to have. Love this idea!

  2. What lovely Christmas treasures *s* . . . and I love the crock as a tree stand - great idea!

  3. I love the teapot. Would look great in my "collection" lol

  4. I have never seen smocked Christmas ornaments before! What a treasure you have there.

  5. Oh Chris..this is all so pretty! The ice skates are darling! Such a pretty tea pot and I love the kitchen tree.

    All of your things look so special.


  6. I love the smocked ornaments. I used to smock dresses for my daughter (over 40 yrs. ago). I have the same doughnut cutter you have but the green paint is more worn off on mine. It was my mother's.

  7. What fun decorations: cookie cutters, smocked balls! I also love the teapot. I collect teapots Merry Christmas.


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