Monday, November 27, 2006

Daughters and Teapots

In getting some of the Christmas decorations out this past weekend, I glanced at the china cabinet and saw my Lefton Green Holly teapot and teacups. My Mom gave me the teacups, which were originally given to her by one of her sisters, before she passed away and I love them. One time many years ago my daughter and I were at a yard sale when my daughter kept tugging at my shirt and pointing to something that was for sale. I could see it was a teapot, sugar and creamer but it was impossible to see what color or pattern it was through all the grease on it. But that determined little girl declared that it was like "Memere's teacups" and she was right. So we quickly paid $5 for them and brought it home and proceeded to de-grease them with Lestoil. Now whenever I see them I think of my Mom.


  1. What a wonderful teaset and such a fantastic memory! You posted on my blog about how getting out your holiday decorations was like a walk down memory lane and I totally agree! A friend helped me decorate my tree and with almost every ornament I would say "my sister made that" or "that belonged to Grandma" or "I got that when we went to . . ." :) It's definately one of my favorite parts of holiday decorating. I'm glad I found your blog!

  2. Thanks for visiting Rebecca. When some people travel they buy t-shirts. I always try and buy a Christmas ornament so as I decorate I can remember a happy trip.

  3. What a pretty and festive tea set. Such nice memories to go with it too!

  4. Thanks for sharing the details Chris I love the memory you shared and your lil one calling her Memer too cute.

  5. My Mom was from Canada so that is a common grandmother name, RaNae. And my "little one" is now 25 and married with a cottage home of her own! Time flies. I miss her living at our home this time of year since she used to love to help put out the Christmas decorations.


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