Monday, November 20, 2006

Trying to Get Organized

I bought a new sewing machine recently-a Bernina. But in the sewing room I have it was so disorganized and in disaray that something had to be done. For many years, along with being a sewing room this room had been a playroom, an arts and crafts room, a dumping spot for all things that you don't know what to do with and a dropping spot for all the college stuff home for summer vacation. But enough was enough I say! The kids graduated long ago, got married and bought their own houses. It was time to take back the room. To start, I bought a cupboard at the same place I bought my $18 oil painting. I had seen it a couple of times, walked by it and returned to buy it last week. I needed storage and this seemed to fit the bill. It is working out perfect I have to say-just the right size. I spent Saturday sorting and stowing fabric-I need to make only scrap quilts for quite a while! The room is looking good. Before and after pictures will show up here one of these days. In the meantime, here is my cupboard.

And the inside


  1. Congratulations on launching your blog Chris. What a perfect cabinet for fabric. I wish mine had doors like that!

  2. Thanks Kathy! Doors are good when things get a little out of hand aren't they! And my stash sometimes has a habit of getting out of hand. Love your blog too.

  3. You have a lovely blog! Love your cabinet and it will be a wonderful home for your fabric. :-)


  4. What a find! Good for you lots of storage space for sure!
    ~*Welcome*~ to the community of bloggers and I am also a fan of felines! I have ~*3*~ and post about 2 in particular both black and the 3rd a tabbi I just adopted from an ill relative.I don't
    make quilts but I so enjoy looking at them..such a wonderful expression of artform. Keep on posting! Come by and visit! NG

  5. Hi Naturegirl! Aren't cats the best! I love my two furry friends. I love your blog and I love to garden too although I didn't do too much of it last summer-I had a knee replacement that sidelined me. Hopefully next summer.

  6. Wonderful cabinet ~looking forward to seeing all your fabric creations!


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