Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Sewing Marches On

I love making quilts but I especially love making quilts related to Christmas. So with my new Bernina I got started on some Christmas table runners. This is the first sewing machine I have ever bought for myself so I am very excited about it. This is also the first free motion quilting I have ever attempted so I was a little nervous about actually quilting on something besides a practice cloth but I surprised myself with my abilities and I am quite pleased. I hope the people I give these runners to like them.


  1. These are lovely! Not to sound like a dummy but you piece together the design right? I'm so fascinated with quilting. Too bad I can't even sew a straight line with my current (sad) sewing machine. I know the recipients will be thrilled!

  2. Yes, you cut up fabric and piece it back together to make the design. There is cheater cloth out there that has the pieced design already printed on it but these were pieced by me. I am in the process of machine quilting the three layers, the top, back and batting, right now.

  3. Chris,
    Love the blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving your nice comments. I have no talent when it comes to quilting, but I so appreciate others who do. I will be back.

  4. Hi Chris I love your fabric stash and your quilting. Glad to now be linked to your blog.


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