Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

Haven't been able to post much in the past week. I work at a college, the cycle goes on, end of the semester, busy, busy busy, yadda, yadda, yadda. But the tree did manage to go up. I love Christmas ornaments and it's such fun each year to decorate the tree and handle all the ornaments and remember the memories associated with them. So here are some of my ornaments and little memories to go along.

This cluster of grapes ornament is really old. I have two of them; a red one and a blue one. They were my Grandmother's and then my Mom's.
I tend to buy ornaments when I travel. The first is from the Alamo and the second I got on Martha's Vineyard. The Martha's Vineyard one especially reminds me of the delight my daughter and I took in all the brightly painted cottages. The guys really weren't much interested. But my daughter and I LOVED them.I have many ornaments from friends near and far.
The League of NH Craftsmen sells an ornament every year and this is the one for 2007. I have been collecting them for 20 years.
I have also collected the White House ornaments for a number of years. My husband used to go to a conference every year this time of year and would get one for me each year.
So I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of some of my ornaments. Now show me yours!


  1. Lovely! thanks for sharing your ornaments. If, oops, I mean when we get our tree up I think I will do that too. I have 2 of the white house ornaments from when my brother was a mechanic on air force one.

  2. Thanks for sharing some of your ornament collection. It's such fun to see what others have on their tree. Hopefully my boxes will come out tomorrow and I can start sharing a little, too *s*

  3. I love ornaments... unique ornaments like the ones you have. They are so much more special when they have meaning behind them. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a nice idea, and such pretty ornamnets! And what is going on with Blogger, no longer accepting other site's comments? All of my favorites seem to be Blogger!

  5. Great ornaments! I love to buy them as 'souveniers'(sp?) when we travel, too. It's a nice way to keep the 'memory' of the trip alive!

  6. I love your ornaments, and they each mean something. I think all Christmas memories deserve to mean something. These are all unique.


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