Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Construction Update

It has been quilte a while since I wrote about the construction we are having done on our house here and here. I thought I'd be decorating by now! Things are going slower than we expected and I guess that is typical for construction projects. Luckily that is my only complaint at this point as the work that is being done is excellent. Here is the view from the kitchen into the addition. There will be a 4 foot wide glass french door-this is just a temporary door.

I meant to take a before picture of this wall but they cut through it before I was expecting and I never got my picture. But I think you can kind of see it in the back ground of this picture. I used to have my china cabinet there but that will be moved into the new room. You go up six steps to get into the room. We had to have the steps up into the room because there is a two car garage underneath.

The big box on the wall will be a gas fireplace. The view from in the room back into the kitchen will be wide open once the french doors are installed making this room feel like part of the house. I've been picking up furniture here and there this summer so eventually it will be in here. Once the drywall is up we are doing the finish work like painting, flooring, trimwork and siding so we have a lot of work ahead of us. So, tomorrow insulation, after that drywall, then doors and the last list of things and then it's ours to finish.


  1. Wow, you addition looks HUGE! How excited you must be, dreaming of how it's all going to look in the end!

  2. Wow - it's going to be marvelous when it's done. Well worth the time *s*

  3. Hi Chris! Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Your new addition is going to be so nice when it's finished! I also enjoyed the Cape Cod pictures down below...such a beautiful place!

  4. It looks like a wonderfully big and glorious addition!
    What fun to have this and choose new things!

    It will all be so worth it!


  5. That looks like it is going to be a great space. Construction projects always take longer than expected. I don't know why they don't just estimate a longer time.

  6. Wow what a space! Looks big and roomy! It always takes longer than expected, you'll be decorating in no time!

  7. It will be lovely for you to have all that extra space. Looking good.


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