Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Construction Update

It seems like a long time ago that this happenned. But there has been some progress, a lot of it happenning this week when the framing crew showed up.The second floor, which will become the family room, is pretty much ready to go up and I expect that will happen tomorrow. Then the inside work begins and that will be fun to see because we'll be able to see that room take shape. In the meantime, hubby and I were out and about yesterday looking at flooring and tile for around the fireplace, and ordering roofing. One thing I found out is that there is a lot of different flooring materials out there so it will be a tough decision. We are kind of leaning towards bamboo right now because of the green aspect and because it looks nice. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has ever used bamboo and what their experience was. The vintage lover part of me wishes I could find some fabulous floor to recycle that would give the room loads of character but that only seems to happen to other people. Then there will be paint colors-yikes! My least favorite job. I want something neutral and warm-anyone have a suggestion? I'm not too proud to beg for help!


  1. You are making some great progress, Chris. I know you are excited for all of it to be up and finished. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts about this.

  2. Construction projects are kind of like giving birth - it's miserable but then you have the lovely, finished product and you forget about all the misery.

    Once you get it a little more completed post pictures of the inside and I'm sure we'll all chime in with color suggestions for you.

  3. It will move along now and soon you will be in! What fun!
    We will all have opinions one we know what things you will have in that room! You know all of us bloggers!
    We love decorating ideas!
    I so look forward to seeing your posts about all of this! What fun!


  4. What fun - lots of decisions to make. Just imagine how much you will enjoy it when it's done.

  5. That's so great that things are moving along! It's hard to make all those choices. My best advice is get the largest paint chip you can (or tape a bunch of the tiny ones together) and hang them up in the space to decide. Then try samples of the paint itself. Then you can really see how it's going to look.


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