Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Porch

In NH you must have a screen porch or be warned, you will be carried away by black flies and mosquitoes.I have a small one that I love and as you can see Oscar loves it too. That is a great nap couch for cats and humans. The couch was a free find many years ago from the basement of the condo my sister and her husband were living in. It was about to go to the dump until I took it and I am glad I did take it.

Next to the couch is a little corner shelf I picked up at a yard sale. On it is some favorite pottery and a couple of jars of sea glass I have picked up over the years at our cottage in Maine. I have lots of sea glass in various places around my house. My daughter and I have had fun times together searching our shore for the bits of glass. On the other side of the porch is an oversized table because lets face it, most of our gatherings involve lots of food and many mouths so you need a big table!
The only other requirement for an enjoyable summer is plants and those can be found beyond the screens just under my kitchen windows. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!


  1. Oh it is lovely! Growing up we LIVED on our screened in porch in Upsate NY all summer long. I love the couch, and the cat of course. Looks like it is ready for a nice tall glass of iced tea and a book!
    We are in the process of planning an addition with a screend in porch too! Can't wait! They are so nice.

  2. OMG - I love your porch! We are redoing ours right now and I can't wait to use it. I just spray painted wicker furniture left by the previous owner and have fabric to recover the cushions (though i don't know how to do so!). My husband is painting the porch.

    And Oscar - what a lovely Siamese! Our Mucha (come visit my blog for pictures) is just starting to brown. He is less than a year old but we are unsure of his age.

  3. What a great porch! My husband and kids put up one of those canvas and net 'gazebos' on our deck, which serves as my porch. Not nearly as pretty as yours, LOL! But it keeps the bugs away. I think I'll have to put some pretty things inside of it to spruce it up. Wish I had a couch like that!

  4. Love your porch & everthing in it!
    Your kitty is just gorgeous.
    Your extension is coming along well too. How exciting for you.
    I like neutral colours too, you can always add cushions & quilts!

  5. Your porch is so inviting and cozy. I'm lucky to have one also and I spend as much time out there as I can. My favorite spot is a swing. And I love it when I can listen to rain falling on the roof and have a cup of coffee while sitting there. Heaven!

  6. You got a wonderful porch and I guess you spend a lot of time there during the summer. Today it's raining where I live and I do not have any summerfeeling.
    Wish you a happy summer

  7. Hi, again. Isn't that funny that we both named a cat "Nutmeg." My Nutmeg is a black-and-white tuxedo. She really was a nut when she was a kitten. Now she is so mellow...squirrels walk right by her without a bit of fear!
    Now my other cat, Melody...don't let that cute little calico face fool you! She's 98% tiger!

  8. I love porches! Yours looks so cozy and inviting especially with your lovely cat.

  9. Oh how I wish I had a porch. Yours is just perfect - cozy and filled with fun things. I bet you spend a lot of time there relaxing and getting away from it all ... I know I would.

  10. What a nice porch. You must enjoy it a lot. I think we have a sofa just like that--or rather, my daughter does since I gave it to her. It had belonged to my grandmother. The cat looks very comfy!

  11. I love your I wish ours was screened in. We hope we can do that in a few years. Our pets would love it...just like your kitty Oscar does! : )


  12. What a great porch to snuggle in on a hot summer evening. Yep, know what you mean about black flies and mosquitos!


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