Monday, April 23, 2007

A New Hen Has Found a Home

I wrote a bit ago about some hens I had from my aunt and now another hen of a sort has arrived at my house. My aunt and uncle passed away some years ago but my cousins have hung on the the house since then. But the decision was made to dispose of the property and they are in the process of emptying the house. My aunt had the habit of putting people's names on a piece of tape and attaching it to something she wanted that person to have when she was gone. This had my mom's name attached to it. So that's how I ended up with it. Now if I saw this in the thrift store I would probably pass it by but since it has some sentimental value I guess I will hang on to it. I have to admit, since it has been hanging out in my kitchen it's starting to grow on me. I can especially see it as part of a Thanksgiving display with it's fall colors.

Now on to a different subject. Thanks for all the great e-mails and comments on the previous post about men and nails. I guess my hubby is not the only one with a collection! We start our construction project this week so I will post before and after pictures as I go along. We are looking forward to having this garage and family room addition built especially since our grandson has arrived and we look forward to many more gatherings with family and perhaps more grandchildren. He came to visit yesterday and I just wanted to cuddle him all day. Luckily in NH it was nice enough to eat lunch out on the screen porch. Hard to believe that eight days earlier we had a huge snowstorm! That's just what the weather does in New England.


  1. I love the hen and she has such a sweet story too. She will be glorious with Fall decorating scheme! Pefect!

    Have a sweet week!


  2. Who could pass up on that hen? Only more special by the way she arrived to you *s*

  3. You will always have pleasant memories when looking at your sweet hen - and these are the things that make family and life so special. I see her surrounded by Fall leaves and flowers, some small pumpkins or gourds - will make a lovely display. During the remainder of the year she could guard a basket of faux eggs in shades of brown and tan with seasonal flowers....perhaps on your counter or island if you have one. She is adorable and a distinct change from the roosters one usually sees in kitchens!
    Glad NH weather is pleasant this week.

  4. I've been in a "chicken" mood lately myself. I recently bought a rooster figure, then found a vase with a rooster on it. I think I need a hen to round things out a bit!


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