Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why Do Men Need Nails?

I am asking this deeply philosophical question today and I hope someone can enlighten me-why do men need nails? Here's how this question came up in my household. We are about to embark on some construction at our home. We are tearing down our rickety one car garage and having a two car garage with a large family room above it built. We will be able to access the family room from our kitchen so we are excited that all the gatherings we now have won't all be jammed in the kitchen and tiny living room as they have been for the 23 years we have lived here. Part of the process of getting ready for the tear down has been cleaning out the garage. I am sure that anyone living with a male and a garage will understand how much crap a man can save in this space, as we are finding as we clean it out. He has been good about throwing a lot out but when he gets to the many, many jars of nails that he won't throw out, I find myself thinking, "I just don't get it"!! I really do want to understand why he is saving these jars of nails, some of which came from his Father, who also saved nails. If they had a use for them they would have used them by now, wouldn't they? One of my girlfriends at work summed it up simply-Men Need Nails. I am just asking why.

This brings up a whole other canyon of difference in how we see this construction project. I see it as a blank canvas for more decorating. He sees it as a bigger place to store more nails! Will we ever find common ground-stay tuned.


  1. I never complain about my husband's nails because he might then find he needs to complain about my fabric. :-O

  2. I can commiserate with you- my dh has nails from his dad, grandfather, &, Yes-Truely, his great-grandfather (he was a carpenter & lived with them until his death at 95+); like Tami, I try not to grumble about it, since I have fabric & yarn stashed everywhere, awaiting inspiration.
    Congratulations on the remodel- we too have a dinky little garage that neither of our cars have ever been in, due to not only nails, but power & handtools, gardening stuff, paint, holiday decor, camping gear, etc.

  3. Hello Chris - this is my first visit to you via Kim at Daisy Cottage - hope you don't mind me stopping by. I was just going to read about men and nails but enjoyed your writing so just had to scroll through your earlier posts.

    My DH is from NH (saves nails too even though he's no handyman - and they're in the attic as we don't have a garage) and I lived there for 12 wonderful years prior to moving to NC. Now comes the hard part - you may hate my blog because I'm one of those posting flowers and green gardens - sorry but that's how it is here in the South! You can get back at me come July when I'm melting from the heat and humidity, and you are enjoying the perfect New England Summer day.

    Congrats. on becoming a Grandmother - it's lots of fun. I'm currently posting on my trip to France with my granddaughter last year - so if you want to skip my cottage house and garden pics, I'd love for you to visit me and read about other things I like to share with my many blog friends.

    I'm wishing you better weather real soon, good health to your DH, and success with the remodel project.
    ~ Mary ~ ACROSS THE POND

  4. For some reason I get the nail thing. Maybe because my dad likes to make things from wood & he used to let me putter in his 'shop' (otherwise known as the corner of the basement) once in a while. My husband has a decent collection of nails, but somehow when we need nails for a project we don't have the right size or type. Coincidently, I have a decent (maybe indecent!) fabric stash, but when I go to make a guessed it!
    Oh, and congratulations on the construction. I wish you the best of luck, honest builders and no involvement of lawyers (but we DO love our addition now that we're past all the bad stuff!)

  5. I have to agree with tami, men = nails, women = fabric!!!!

  6. I think tami might have a point about the fabric! I do know that nails are all sorts of different sizes and they are stored in jars and jars and jars and coffee cans and well, you get the point. My husband and my dad share a shop and there are plenty of nails!

  7. Oh did my father have nails...and screws...and bolts...and tools of every variety. He was prepared to build an ark if needed. Or whatever!

    Bill saves all manner of things that I would call never know when I will need this he says. Oh my...but he never asks ne why I keep what I do (even if MINE make more sense! *laugh*)

    Have a sweet weekend...loved the posts today!! Gave me a smile and a laugh!


  8. I guess it's like fabric, when you find some you love you must have it, then hold onto it in case the perfect project comes along *s*


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