Thursday, April 26, 2007

A New Find

I haven't had much time to look for any treasures in my usual haunts lately, between my grandson being born and our garage being torn down, but I did manage to stop in one store that is near my work and I found this.

I found this wicker basket/bowl, I'm not quite sure what to call it. I had the quilt in case you were wondering. I've had that beauty for years. I don't seem to be as lucky as some of my blogger friends who find quilts for next to nothing. But back to the basket-I love it's turquoise color, which is a color that is growing on me lately, and it's perfect chipped paint in all the right places. Not sure what I'll put in it but I'm sure it will rotate with the seasons. Any suggestions would always be welcome. You are all so much more creative than me which is why I am stealing ideas from you all just about every day!


  1. Hi Chris - I think your new basket would be perfect for displaying fat quarters of co-ordinating fabrics!
    Cheers .... Anne

  2. Hi Chris - I don't know how big the basket is but you could make a neat liner for it for laundry. Of course, you may not want to cover the inside of it.

  3. You'll find just the perfect place for that, Chris. Almost anything will look good in it. I'm like you, the color is terrific!

  4. Love your new find - reminds me that I really want to get over to my favorite junky shop. Spring is always best there - others are throwing away with wild abandon and I get to pick up wonderful new treasures for me *S*

  5. You will find the perfect spot for it. Its a nice find.

  6. I love your new perfectly chippy basket Chris! When in doubt - green apples always look great! ;-)

  7. That is a great basket, tons of uses!!


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