Monday, February 19, 2007

There are Hens in my House

I took possesion of a couple of Hens this weekend. I had the middle sized one in front but my sister had the other two. They originally belonged to my Aunt Irene, the aunt who knitted these. I always loved the one I had but really longed to have the whole set. My sister moved into a smaller house and her two hens are some of the things she decided to part with as she downsized. So I now have them.

I love having things around that remind me of someone or someplace I've been. My aunt and uncle lived on a farm and I used to love and go visit them as a young girl. Being able to explore all their fields and the barns was such a treat. I was fascinated by the old truck that lay rusting in one of the fields and loved to play in it. And climbing on the bales of hay in the barn with my cousins was the ultimate fun. I'm sure parents today would never let their kids do any of this because of the "danger"! We all just thought we were on some great adventure. My aunt and uncle also had, what I now know is, great old furniture. In fact that is where we got our old oak desk-right out of my uncle's chicken coop.
One thing my aunt gave me when I got married was a set of cook books. But she didn't just wrap them and give them to me. She looked over the recipes and made little notes here and there throughout the books. Once in a while I'll come across a note from her like, "This is a great cake recipe" that I hadn't previously seen. So between the hens, the furniture and the notes I guess I'll always remember my aunt and uncle and isn't that the way it should be.


  1. Oh, those are wonderful. My grandmother has some of these like your small one. How great for you to have them.

  2. Adorable, sentimental reminders of your loved ones - perfect treasures for your home!

  3. Those hens are adorable and I loved that your Aunt gave you a cookbook with comments on recipes for you to find.

  4. Those hens are adorable. I, too, love to be surrounded by family things--makes us so much closer to our own history. What a fun time you had as a child on your aunt and uncle's farm!

  5. Isn't it just the little things - hens and cookbook notes that just make a day great.

  6. what lovely memories! It's true, not enough kids get to just go play and explore and get dirty!
    The hens are adorable!

  7. Your story of visiting your aunt and uncles farm brings back so many memories of visiting my grandparents farm. We would play in the old rusted out cars, the haybales and fields too. We were always occupied, yet somehow survived all the "dangers".

    I love your chickens, how nice of your sis to pass along her two to you. :)

  8. I always mean to make notes like that when I am cooking, but never remember. The hens are darling!


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