Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Winter Comparison

Last winter, January 23, 2011. Cold and snowy all winter.

This winter, January 26, 2012. Warm and not snowy so far this winter. It was gorgeous yesterday and today in NH getting into the 50's which is shorts and sandals weather here. I seriously saw someone in shorts and sandals at the grocery store.

This snow will be gone by tomorrow since it's supposed to rain. I would love every winter to be like this.


  1. I'm with you, except for I'd like it to be 50 degrees year round! My skiing/snowboarding family is not happy right now and I'm figuring the resort owners are freaking out too.

  2. I found winter (even last winter) to be the best season . . . still I wouldn't trade the weather we are having today for nothin' *s*

  3. I love your photos, would love to experience just ONE winter like that! No chance of any snow here in Queensland but PLENTY of rain atm.

  4. I remember that snow pic from last year....what a difference. However, your 'little bit' of snow would be HUGE here in NC. LOL We have had a warm winter here,too. My husband and I were talking this morning and decided we will end up with a huge snow around Easter this year. :-)

  5. I keep hoping God is being kind to us after last winter, but I keep expecting the other shoe to drop and to get clobbered with a Nor' long as it waits until my Bean boots arrive! :-)

  6. I am really missing snow in Michigan this year!

    Winter is my time to hibernate. It is so much nicer when there is snow to enhance the winter beauty.


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