Monday, January 23, 2012

An Embroidery Weekend

It was a productive weekend in these parts this past weekend. It was cold and snowy on Saturday so a perfect day to stay put. And then we had to watch the Patriots on Sunday-WooHoo! I worked on the Birdie Stitches project I have restarted after I dropped it a year ago. I finished the first square I had begun last year and did 3 others. Please excuse the dark and not so good photos as it is cloudy and dreary today and I took these with my cell phone. Can't seem to find the cord to my camera which takes a better picture.

I'm also testing out some possible settings and I kind of like this Jade colored Kona fabric as a sashing choice. We'll see when it is all done. 

As for the weather, it had been a really mild fall and winter here with very little snow. We still have very little snow which is fine with me. But it recently started getting colder, more typical of January, and a few small snow storms have come through. Now all this change in the weather started the day after the New Hampshire presidential primary. That was the day when all the hot air of the media and the politicians left the state. Coincidence? I think not.

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  1. Love the scrappy borders around the blocks! I live in Manchester where it is completely insane during primaries - fortunately I live across the river from where the media and politicians invade! Never thought about them being the cause of the warm weather, but you just might have something there!

  2. Just love your little quilt, it is really going to look lovely. Also want to tell you how much I love your header photo...gorgeous cat! Regards, Cath from Bits 'n Bobs

  3. So cute, you were a busy girl this weekend. Love teh material you have for the sashing too. Looks great with the block!

  4. I love those block borders too. That sashing is such a pretty color but I can't imagine how it will look all over.

  5. I really admired the birdie stitches blocks last year. I printed them out but never started on them. Yours are looking great!

  6. This is a lovely quilt, it is going to be a very special piece of work when it is finished.

    As always, Good Job Sis!

  7. Love the little embroideries. I, for one, am pleased to see embroidery coming back in popularity. Your fabric cube is just too cute

  8. Hi Chris, I just discovered your lovely blog today. You have made some gorgeous quilts! I too am(was) working on Birdie Stitches, I think I have four done too, must get it out again soon.....
    Happy stitching from NZ, Nicky

  9. I love the birdie stitches! Where did you get them? They are adorable.


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