Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time for Some Stitching

I've been seeing a lot of embroidery on quilts last year and again this year that I wanted to try. Did you see the new Aurifil Designer Block of the Month? Then last year there was Birdie Stitches which I was going to do in 2011. I even got all my squares ready with the plain in the center to embroider and 2 inch squares to frame it. Got part of the first one done and then health concerns and shoulder surgery in 2011 got me slowed down considerably and I dropped it. Then Nicole started stitching up the blocks this year and that got me inspired so I am about to start up this project again so look for some updates soon. 

Otherwise I just made this really cute sewing cube and I am finding it handy for my embroidery supplies. It's an Atkinson Designs pattern and I got it at my LQS. There was a learning curve making this but future ones would be quite easy now that I've done one. You can see a couple of my blocks all ready for embroidery resting underneath.

I don't generally buy a lot of fabric from Joann's but I love the Denise Schmidt fabrics they have and these fabrics are from that line. They are 30% off right now too.

So thanks for the inspiration Nicole. Check the fabrics she is using which are so cute. I am using all sorts of scraps in mine and I think I've got a good combination going. 

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  1. That little basket is adorable! I need to look for that pattern. So glad you are raring to go again with your Birdie Stitches.

  2. Did I miss name of basket pattern? SEW cute!


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