Sunday, January 30, 2011

On the Design Board

Before we get to the design board, we are in the grips of winter here. This was my thermometer last Monday morning showing the indoor and outdoor temperature. The -5 was up from -7 when I got up that morning. It was awfully hard to get myself to go to work that morning but I did.
The view from my kitchen to the screen porch-dreaming of warmer days.

My neighbor has the most incredible icicles on her house. They nearly touch the ground.

The last item I had to do in my new sewing room was to construct some kind of design board and It is up and working like magic. My last design board was flannel and the blocks never really stayed on it for any length of time. My husband's secretary, also a quilter, has been using polar fleece and recommended it. So off to Joanne's with my 40% coupon to buy polar fleece.

It is working wonderfully! The blocks stick and stay on it. I have a large wall I can use for this and used it all so I have a very large design wall now. I have been working on the mostly blue scrappy star quilt and all the blocks are done and I am in the process of putting the rows together. This quilt is completely from my stash and was cut using my Accuquilt Go cutter. My quilting roots are scrap quilts so it's fun to get back to making these.

All you need to cut this if you have an Accuquilt Go cutter is the 3 1/2 inch chisel die and the 3 1/2 inch triangle die. Cut an even amount of light and dark chisels and light and dark triangles and sew light to dark and so on and so on. An easy block that goes together beautifully. If you do make this block just make sure when cutting the chisels that all your fabric is right side up. It makes a difference. The triangles you can cut right or wrong side up.

This is all I had to trim off  of 42 blocks because the blocks come out very precise. I love using my stash and since I organized all my fabrics it's very easy to find what I need. There are a lot of fabrics in here that I forgotten I had. It was fun rediscovering them.


  1. those icicles are amazing! love teh quilt; great stash buster!

  2. Love the icicles - it is disgustingly hot today and the first day at school for my 14 year old boys - all day in long grey trousers - yuck. Bet they would love some icicles but I am sure you are over them. Love the scrap quilt - my favourite kind of quilt I think.
    Happy stitching!

  3. oh my gosh it is way to cold where you are. i don't know how you stand to go outside. love the quilt and wowzer, the idea of using polar fleece - what a great idea to say the least, thank you for sharing it!!

  4. I love the way that quilt is looking. You would be a good salesman for the cutter although I will probably never own one as I mark and sew my fabric by hand.
    I had been wondering what to buy for a design wall so was glad for that information. Now that I think of it, when I just walk through the room the dog hair leaps out and jumps on my fleece even if the dog is out.

  5. I'm shivering just looking at those icicles!! Love your design wall!! Thats a wonderful idea! Love the quilt. Scrappy and gorgeous!

  6. What a wonderful idea...I have the chisel template and have been wondering what else it could be used for...great idea!

  7. Loving that design wall.... isn't it great to see your quilt "all put together" before you actually put it together? Love it!

  8. That is going to be one beautiful quilt when you are done with it. Thanks for the tip on the polar fleece.
    Those icicles are amazing! All we have so far in Kansas is icey streets. Had to go to work this morning. The snow is coming our way late this afternoon up to 6 inches. Ugh!
    Happy quilting. Stay warm!

    Kay in KS

  9. Love the quilt, love the design wall, but I can do without the cold. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  10. Wow, the icicles are amazing! I just showed my two Florida boys your pictures and they were amazed. Thanks so much for sharing. We used to live in Maine, but my first was just a baby when we moved so they've never seen anything like that! The design wall looks great. I'll have to try polar fleece.

  11. ACK THE ICE SCARES ME. Love the quilt blocks.. its goingto be beautiful!

  12. What is the name of the pattern for the scrappy quilt and is there a pattern for it . I do not have a go cutter. Thanks.

  13. I like the scrappy quilt. Is there a pattern for it or a name for the block. I do not have go cutter. Thanks.


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