Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I love scrap quilts. Before Christmas I did a major inventory of my fabric. Major, people! I purged some older fabrics I knew I would never use (not just some of them-a lot of them), gave a huge amount to the women's prison nearby that was looking for fabric and organized the rest. So what to do? Start a scrap quilt.

Remember these table runners that I talked about here?

It's a simple pattern that uses a lot of scraps. The table runners have 6 inch blocks. Then I remembered that I had the chisel and 3 inch half square triangle dies for my Accuquilt Go cutter. So I gathered lots of dark and medium blues and lots of lights and cut some chisels and triangles.

I've got the light triangles sewn to the dark blues and just need to do the opposite colors.

Here's a test 12 inch block and I think a bunch of these together is going to be great. But all is on hold because my sewing room is under a big re-do which I am very excited over. First up was some storage which I will take some pictures of and post this week. The rest we will probably pick at on weekends so it could take a while for a reveal. My husband is easily distracted and usually takes a while to actually finish a project. But he does good work and it's free labor so you work with what you have!


  1. I will have to research the accuquilt cutter... sounds interesting. I'm all for easy cutting.. I'm still learning the rotary cutter. My favorites are scrap quilts too!

  2. Blocks and runners look great. That's an awesome idea to use up scraps. Can't wait to see the room redo!!

  3. Love that block and I still swear you have more hours in your day than the average duck, you get so much done and it's all so lovely! Saying Michael is a bit distracted is an understatement, but when he tackles a job he does beautiful work. It's been a long time coming to re-do your sewing room, and I'm sure it'll be smashing when completed.

  4. Oooh, I like that! Perhaps I can put a request in for one if I help with the redo. My weekends are free until classes start the end of the month....
    And if I'm helping then Dad can't get distracted by projects at my house!

  5. Love your pics. Yes, men are rather like quilts- made from many differing pieces, and one never knows for sure, how they will turn out!!

  6. Something so special about I quilt. I love them! Thank you for your sweet comment. Menopause....bring it on...haha! Why is it we can't seem to figure this crazy stuff out in our 20's? At any rate...sweet release is my motto for this year. ((hugs)) Susie


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In glory I will stand,
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