Monday, September 6, 2010

Out of the Loop

I've been a little out of the loop here with the start of the academic year at the college where I work but I think I am caught up at work and a little caught up at home on some projects. First is the baby quilt I was working on in our last episode. Acutally I made two of them and both are done which is a good thing since one of the baby showers is this Sunday! 
I love the backing which I got at Alewives Fabric in Maine when I was on vacation there. A fabulous shop. I really like polka dots and this one was perfect. The binding was also purchased there and is a tiny polka dot. My quilter did a fabulous orange, paisley quilting design which I think looks fantastic.
Then I finished my small quilt out of Fig Tree fabrics, Mill House Inn. A nice fall feel I think so it will be hung on a wall in my home. I love the wheat quilting pattern my quilter did.
This is the baby sister of the large quilt I did. Both are from Carrie Nelson's really great book, Schnibbles Times Two.
So that's it from NH. We finally have a fallish feel in the air which I am thrilled about. I love summer but there was just too much hot summer this year. I'm over it. Time for Fall!


  1. They really turned out nice - didn't they? I think they are great, so fun and beautifully done. Take Care

  2. Love the baby quilts with the polka dots. Also love the wheat panto quilting on the Schnibble. Nice work! Wish I could visit that quilt store. It looks like alot of fun.

  3. Love your imagines! I just finished my big imagine today, with Bliss. Hoped to take pics this afternoon, but the monsoon we had kinda put a wrench in that plan :)

  4. You have been busy. Love all of these quilts. And the machine quilting is truly wonderful!

  5. The baby quilts turned out great. Nice job and done on time, too!

  6. What a wonderful baby your Imagine!

  7. I really like your work. Do you piece by machine? Do you ever hand quilt?


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