Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Quilts

I've been absent from blogging. It was back to work for me at college and it is always a busy time. But I recieved an invitation to a baby shower a little sooner that I expected so on my day off here I had to get to work finishing the baby quilts I've been working on. Shield your eyes-they are bright!

They are bright but I don't like pastel baby quilts so here you go. These are both for baby girls. I finished them up and sent them off to my quilter today so I should be all set for the one of the showers in a couple of weeks. I used all scraps I had of Amy Butler and Kaffe Fasett fabrics and played with colorways to get this subtle design going. I like it and now the design wall is empty so I'm going to have to decide what will be up there next. So many quilts and so many fabrics to choose from. 


  1. And, they are fun! I really like what you were able to do with the fabric you already had. The mommy of the baby girls will be thrilled - I am sure. I love the brightness that you created in the quilts.

  2. Very pretty!! Babies need bright, so they will be perfect.

  3. These are very sophisticated baby quilts. Lucky girls!

  4. I love vibrant colors for babies too. Lovely quilts. I read your blog often. I popped over to welcome your sister to blogging.
    I don't quilt but I sew and crochet and am owned by a cat!!!
    Madi and Mom

  5. I love Kaffe fabrics and they do go very well with Amy Butler. Never thought about mixing them, hmmm, another project I need to find time to do, lol.


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