Sunday, May 23, 2010

Upcoming Projects

I've been absent-it's all my work's fault. But I have just this week to work and then I have 10 weeks off for summer. I'm ready and I've been thinking about some sewing projects I want to accomplish. First off, if you haven't seen or aquired this book you should. It is fantastic. Big quilts and their matching little sisters-genius! So I have decided I'm going to make a set. I think I'm going to start with Imagine.
Now for fabrics I have litterally been hoarding this set of Maison de Noel fat quarters and some background yardage for a long time-a very long time. It is so beautiful I couldn't make myself cut it-insane, I know! But I'm going to use them for the big quilt. It's one of the fabrics by 3 Sisters and their fabric lines are always brilliant. I've used several of the lines and have loved all of them.
Then I also have this layer cake and some yardage of Mill House Inn from Fig Tree Quilts, another of my favorites. The small schnibbles quilt will be this. So restful and restorative time awaits me after Thursday. It makes working tolerable when you know there's a nice break coming up. August comes fast but I'm usually ready by then for a new bunch of scared Freshmen college students to show up and the cycle begins all over again. I just won't think about that August day until sometime in July.


  1. I envy your 10 weeks off in the summer. Looks like you're organized and ready to enjoy it to the fullest.
    I adore that book. Bought one for myself, and having both small and large quilt patterns inside was a real plus.

  2. the Schnibbles Times Two ... does it have a large version for McGuffey? Have a great Monday ;O)

  3. The fabrics just make me drool! MODA is the best. Looks like it's time to start cutting! Lynne

  4. You still have some Maison de Noel? You better put it under lock and key now that you have blogged about it! lol
    I am looking forward to what you will do with the next 10 weeks!!

  5. Looks like a plan to me and what fun!

  6. Maison de Noel is going to be so much fun. The others will, too. I do love Mill House Inn. I love the choices you have and I'm ready for your Summer Break my friend. I've been around long enough now this time is exciting for me, too. Are we going on any trips? I have to check on that as well...


  7. Oh those yummy fabrics! Cant wait to see the progress!


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