Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Vacation

My summer vacation from work has started and boy am I happy about that. I work in college academics and it was a long, tough year. If you are a parent of a college student, please don't be a helicopter parent, forever hovering. It's a problem people. Anyways, I have finally gotten to know my sewing room again.

As I posted about on my last post I am in love with Carrie Nelson's Schnibbles Times Two book and I'd love to work my way through the book making all the big and little quilts. But to get started I am making Imagine-the big quilt. I have had the fat quarter set of Maison de Noel by 3 Sisters for a long time. I know I had a quilt in mind when I bought it a few years ago but I can't remember what it was. Now this collection is impossible to find and I was always relictant to cut into it. But it's all cut up now! That was hard to do.

I have made a couple of test squares so I'm ready to go. I think I'm going to be doing some chain sewing here for a bit. But a note about the directions in this book, at least on this quilt. The directions are clear and there is such a clever method for making these squares that you can't possibly have any bad ones. Genius I say! So it's time for me to enjoy sewing with this beautiful fabric and then on to little Imagine with a great Fig Tree collection. Fun on my summer vacation among many other things planned.


  1. The fabrics look beautiful! Sounds like a great start to a vacation to me :-)

  2. What a perfect way to start your summer! Those fabrics are sure to put a smill on your face.
    Did you have work Commencement? That was always part of my job when I was in Student Services, and graduation day was always the hottest day of the year. Always came home with a sunburn on the back of my neck!

  3. Yippee! Holidays. What better time to sew.

  4. Oh how exciting. I'm feeling thrilled with you. Going to enjoy this right along with you...

  5. It's going to be wonderful...I loved making that pattern. Carrie's directions were perfect and that trick was just the BEST!

  6. Happy Summer Vacation! I have the same affliction of not wanting to use fabric, but you will love Maison de Noel even better when you have a finished quilt made from it. 3 Sisters collections are always a hit with me!


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