Monday, November 2, 2009

Fabric Is On It's Way

Have you heard about the Red and White Snowball Challenge? I am participating in it and also the fabric swap that goes along with it so I got my light strips ready this weekend and got them in the mail today so my swap partners should have them soon. I am actually trying to decide if I am going to do reds or something else.

Now the Kaffe Fassett book is an entirely different story.

My sister and one of her friends flew to Eastern Tennessee to go to a 3-day workshop with Kaffe. We had been there in April for my nephew's wedding and we found Tennessee Quilts, a wonderful quilt shop in Jonesboro. We got on their e-mail list and an e-mail came across about this workshop and my sister declared "Roadtrip"!! Unfortunately, I work at a college and there's no taking time off in the middle of a semester so she went with a friend. But she did bring me back this book, signed by Kaffe, which I have been drooling over eversince. Can't wait to try one the patterns in here.

So Katy, Julie, Debra, Jennifer, Kathy and Esther, be looking for your package from NH!


  1. You are so fast...I have my fabrics in the washer right now, so hopefully mailed tomorrow. I am so excited! Thanks in advance.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your snowball quilt. I have the new Kaffe book too and boy are there some great quilts in there to be made!!

  3. Looks like your going to be busy. Love the Kaffe book.

  4. I'm trying to get a peek at those creams underneath the book! :) Kaffe books are always so fun to look at. And a workshop! Even better. :)

  5. Hi Cris,
    You know that I am not the normal quilter or sewer. I have done one quilt following a pattern and I did not like to do that at all.
    I love to make up my own patterns. Fabric is my inspiration.
    Good luck on your new endeavor,

  6. Hi Chris
    The Kaffe book looks like it is filled with wonderful quilt patterns. How great to have it signed by the author! I know you will keep busy this Winter creating some beautiful pieces ♥

  7. Got my fabrics and loved them. Mine will be int he mail this weekend. I was really excited to get my first package.

  8. I got my package, too, safe & sound all the way to California. I couldn't wait and have already cut it into snowball makings. Thanks so much, Chris.

  9. Hello - just stopping by to say hi, and I received the package in the mail of swap fabrics. I haven't opened it yet, but a great, squishy envelope and I am saving it to open once they all arrive, if I can contain myself!
    Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Chris. Can't believe that you've 'also' got your strips in the post for the challenge! How did everyone get things together so quickly??

    I saw Kaffe at the Festival of Quilts last year - a very personable and approachable man....your sister is one lucky girl to have gone to a workshop with him!!


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