Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Back....

Well, I am back from TN and I had a wonderful time at my nephew's wedding. It was different from any wedding and reception I had ever been to. I guess the moonshine, blue grass band and pig roast and the subsequent "pig pickin" were just a tad different than what I am used to at a wedding reception! We loved TN and wish we had longer to explore.

In my last post I asked if anyone knew of quilt shops in the area we were going to, and KQ Sue mentioned a couple of places, one of which was TN Quilts in Jonesborough. We had some extra time on Friday so my sister and I along with hubbies wandered to Jonesborough to poke in the shops and then stopped at TN Quilts which was fantastic! A great quilt store.
With a new grandson arriving in July I have been trying to decide on a quilt to make for him and they had the perfect one on display but unfortunately they had no more of the fabric-they were just selling the display quilt. But they kindly told me the name of the fabric, Michael Miller Boy Toys, and an internet search turned it up so I am going to make something similar to this quilt above. My sister bought a fantastic Kaffe Fassett quilt kit at which point my BIL declared that the cost of this trip just doubled! I know I would have bought a lot more if my hubby wasn't there! So we had a great time and it's back to work and reality now. Boo Hoo!

Update: I have since found out that that fabric above is also called Retro Transportation and In Transit in case someone was doing an internet search. All the other fabrics used in the above quilt are from the Dick and Jane group but I will probably be mixing it up a bit and using something else.


  1. Perfect grandson's wonderful!

  2. The reception sounds like the ones around here!

  3. He will remember this and you when he sees it!

  4. Oh, I thought I commented on this one but I guess I read and missed that part. I cracked up reading your wedding story. You're funny!

    I love that quilt. The sashing and cornerstones really grabbed my eye. Looking forward to seeing more. :)



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