Sunday, March 8, 2009

Use What You've Got

I have a massive fireplace mantle in my great room so I'm always looking for something to put up there to fill the space. So when I got my Pottery Barn catalog I fell in love with this flag which is very large by the way. And wanting to make a change on the mantle, the simple thing would be to order it-it's even on sale but I'm a believer in use what you have or buy it at a consignment store.
I know I'm not going to find it in a consignment store so I explored my home to see what I have to get the same feeling. I don't have a flag but I had some items that kind of gave me the same Americana look.

One of the two checkerboards, the left one, I bought at a yard sale years ago, and the one in the middle came from a consignment store. The one on the right was needlepointed by my Mom in 1976! She must have done it for the Bicentennial.
There's at least a flag showing up in this quilt I made about 10 years ago.
So I know we all should be spending to boost up the economy but there's a satisfying feeling in using what you have. I even did it with the quilts I made my grandson here, made entirely with scraps. I'll post pictures of those this week.
On the ever changing weather here in NH, it was in the 50's Saturday and Sunday. I saw many people in shorts and flip flops which is funny because there's still a pile of snow on the ground. And to add insult to injury, we are getting another snow storm tomorrow. Someone get me out of here!


  1. Great improvisation and it looks fantastic! Yes, the weather is wonderful. But I have to remind myself that we are in New England and it won't last long!

  2. Love your version using what you have on hand!!! Looks really nice!

  3. I like your version better than the flag (although it is definitely cool). The fireplace look's fantastic and isn't it great to get ideas and use what you have rather than something new.

  4. Love your version...great creativity!

  5. Now that's the way to do it! Sure we should be spending within reason but what you've just done here would be refreshing and priceless under any circumstance. You Rock!

  6. I love what you came up with. Isn't it fun to take what we have and make a special feature with it? Great idea. And I do love that flag from PB. ~Adrienne~

  7. This is fun! And my favorite way to decorate! I love reusing things around the house, pointing at them and saying, "It cost me NOTHING!" Yeah, that's the best. :)

  8. I do like the checkerboards - very Americana. I wonder how your quilt would look hanging on the wall behind the checkerboards. I love your fireplace too - the tiles are very nice!

  9. You know, after thinking about it, the urge to buy new is partially to blame for how the current situation has come to be ... and why the landfills (closets, storage units) are overflowing...

    I really like the way you repurposed your own items ~ and each one has a story to tell, which makes it even better!

    (I now scan the catalogs with an eye towards ideas ~ they're fat-free and even help burn calories when I go hunting around the house in response)


  10. I love the checkerboards, even mroe than the flag. I've always been a fan of checkerboards have never owned one. Anyway, they look great!

  11. I really like your version! My sister who lives in NH collects game boards so it really gave me a chuckle!

    Spring is on the way....

  12. I love your version of using up what you have to get the look you want. Your large flag is gorgeous as are your checkerboards.
    I think snow is headed our way too! It is cold, damp and very windy today.

  13. So humid here, cannot imagine snow! Love the cats on the recliner. Hope you get some spring soon!

  14. I love the Americana look. I, too, have a large fireplace and struggle with what to put on the mantle. I'm always looking for ideas and yours looks great.


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