Friday, March 13, 2009

For the Table

I won the fabric above from Heather Mulder Peterson, it's her Rebel Roses line, and wrote about it here. So what to do with it-I have a number of her patterns and books and this pattern is one of her Little Charmers patterns. She has great patterns for table toppers and runners. So I settled on this one and have enough to make a table runner so that's next.

I love big prints and the big Rebel Roses print is my favorite, especially the brown. I want to get some more of the brown big print for backing, but it seems like it has sold out everywhere that had it so I may have to buy one of the other colors. I think the combination of colors is wonderful and refreshing which we need around here to wash this stupid winter out of our minds!


  1. Designs by Heather Mulder Peterson have a unique look. I have several of her patterns and books. Great fabric. You're a lucky lady.

  2. what beautiful fabrics and such a sweet table topper!

    Quiltingly Yours

  3. Wow, I LOVE that fabric. It's stunning and I am always afraid of big prints, but I think I better get this fabric and make myself a table runner or something.

  4. Beautiful block. The fabric is so destinct in its design and color - your blocks are just perfect for it. Great going!

  5. Very pretty...very pretty indeed!

  6. I need to get some of that fabric before it is all gone! Your table topper is wonderful.


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