Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time for Fall?

I've seen on a blog here and there that there's a lot of fall decorating going on already but I've had a little trouble getting going. I think it's because it was so hot and humid here this past weekend. A cold front came through today so it should be cooler tomorrow. Anyways, I have managed to get my Halloween quilt out early. I was making this last year but never got it done in time. It was inspired by Nicole at Sister's Choice who made a fantastic one last year. She had some fabulous Halloween fabric which I wish I could find.
I had some great fabrics that were fun to work with.
The focus fabric is from Marcus Brothers and it's called Tricks and Treats. I think there is a second version of it out this year too. My quilter did a wonderful pumpkin and vine pattern in orange that I love.
And here's Miss Penny who always seems to find a quilt to nap on. I tried to edit out her freaky eyes and didn't have much luck so I guess they'll just be her Halloween eyes. Isn't she pretty? She sort of matches the quilt.
There will be more decorations to follow soon. I've been spying pumpkins on porches around here and the leaves are changing so it's time.


  1. Cute quilt and I think the cat would agree.

  2. Miss Penny is beautiful (I keep gettin those creepy cat eyes too - I think it is because of the blue eyes.)
    & so is the quilt.
    FWIW I like your's better. :o)
    (I need to pull mine out - it is an all out homage to halloween cats!)

  3. What sweet fabric . . .it has a nice vintage look to it and the quilting design is just perfect *s*

  4. She knows a good thing doesn't she? Don't they all? That quilting just makes the quilt! Love the freshness of the fabrics too.

    Molly(in hot, humid east Texas, we don't have fall til mid-November when all the leaves turn brown and fall off the trees in one week)

  5. YES! I cant wait. That is a truly beautiful cat.

  6. I love your Halloween quilt...wonderful fabric.

  7. Love the fall quilt and the quilting is beautiful. I would like to invite you to participate in my fall quilters blog giveaway. Please check out http://fallintofallquilters.blogspot.com/ for details.

  8. The quilt is such fun and pretty too! Miss Penny is beautiful, and her coat is just the perfect color for Autumn!


  9. Miss Penny is just gorgeous! Love those Calico cats.
    The quilt is lovely too!

  10. Very gorgeous quilt. I love it. Kitty looks mighty comfy.

  11. Just found your blog, and I had to comment om your beautiful calico kitty :)
    I have one too, my second one....I just love calico's!!!!

  12. Adorable quilt! I've been gearing up for Halloween and am looking forward to decorating for Fall. But I'm with you that is has been so hot it feels like Fall is a long way off!

  13. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for coming over to visit too!
    Wow..Nutmeg lived to be 19.5 years...that's amazing!!!
    My first calico Cammie lived to about 13 and I miss her so much too. Lilly, the calico I have now is 4.
    How old is Miss Penny? She is so pretty, I love her facial markings!
    It's always nice to meet another cat lover (and calico at that!)
    :) Tracey


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