Monday, September 1, 2008

Charm Bracelets

Liz from Rose Vignettes is showing off her charm bracelets and inviting others to do the same so since I have a few I am going to show you mine.

This first one is mine from when I was a young girl, just a few years ago really (NOT). I have enameled charms from a few different states and Canada, an anchor and ship's wheel since I grew up near the ocean, and lots of other assorted charms. I used to love getting charms.
Here's my Disney World charm bracelet. We went a few times with the kids and then my husband and I went a couple of years ago, just us. I highly recommend a couples trip. It was a lot of fun.
And finally my Mom's bracelet from the 1940's. This has the most delightful charms on it. There's and ironing board, mailbox, ice pick and birdhouse that all open, a marriage license that opens and on the inside it says "state of bliss", and lots of vintage charms. My mother never wore it much and the story I heard was that it was from a prior boyfriend. Oh the scandal! So if you are a lover of charm bracelets I hope you post your's too.


  1. Hi Chris, So nice to meet you! I'm really glad that you attended and participated. This was fun! Your bracelets are charming! : )


  2. I really like the colorful enameled charm bracelet and I simply LOVE your mom's!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Hi Chris,love your post about the charm bracelets.I don't have one, but, I did buy one for my daughter with all different cats on it. I must ask her to find it. Love the story about your mum's bracelet and glad she kept it. Regards Lyn

  4. Hopefully I will remember...
    I just started one - married trips is the apparent theme... We went to Australia & I got several there & we went on a cruise - I got one on every island... I even got a few in Israel - rather hard to find - they did not seem to have "touristy" charms...

  5. Nice bracelets. Charms are so much fun to collect. I have a bracelet somewhere that I started a couple of years ago - I need to find it and wear it again.

  6. Your charm bracelet collection is beautiful! I own three charm bracelets and I really need to wear them more often.

  7. What fun . . . you've got quite the collection of charms. The vintage charms are such fun.

  8. Oh my ~ I found mine from high school not long ago and I have a "grown up" one, too. Sending myself an e-mail to remember to photo them to share... thanks for sharing yours!

  9. Those are really cute. Now I think I need to go on ebay and look at buying a couple charm bracelets. They seem kinda fun to have and wear.

  10. Those are lovely memories. I always wanted one, but never did have one.

  11. I adore charm bracelets and will find mine to show off and adore your blog too. I just added you to my link page (finally) and hope you will do the same.
    I have never seen a prettier kitty that the one pictured at the top of your blog posting today.
    Thanks so much,
    Mary Lou Weidman


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