Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Bathroom Renovation

First of all, from the e-mails I have gotten it seems that no one believes that the leaves are changing here in NH. They are and I will take some pictures this week; especially of a certain tree right out side the building I work in at a local college. It is almost all changed in color.

Second, I am back at work so that explains the lack of posts. It is incredibly busy the first couple of months at a college and there is nothing getting done at home except eating and sleeping and bathroom renovation which I shall explain in a minute. One last thing about college; if you are the parent of an incoming freshman, especially if you are a mother, do not call the college and try to arrange your child's life, or buy their books for them, or get them a different roomate, or any other thing that may seem normal for a mother of a 4 year old to do. They are adults. They can handle it. As you can tell I've taken a few calls this week from "Helicopter Mothers".

Amidst all the busyness, we (and when I say we I mean hubby) are renovating my bathroom finally. Not a total gut but a good update. It's a small bathroom but I don't care, it's mine! The secret to a long and happy marriage is separate bathrooms you know. So I'll post pictures on the progress.
Here's a few of the design choices but those could change too.
The only bad thing about this is during the renovation I'll have to share my husband's bathroom. I don't know if a 33 year marriage can survive that.


  1. Chris,

    Good luck with the bathroom sharing with your husband.

    I used to work at my local university, and had my summers off. That was wonderful. I miss those days.

    Happy Saturday!


  2. You are sooo lucky to have your own bathroom!! I have never had my own, & can only dream.

  3. Oh, I believe the trees are changin'. Even here in sunny SoCal, I've got a couple of golden leaves on a tree out back *s*
    Just keep reminding yourself how wonderful your renovated bath will be . . . you'll both survive.

  4. Chris,

    Thank you so much for the kind comments that you left on my blog.

    You are right, I would call it 'eclectic', too. A little bit of all styles.

    Happy Sunday!


  5. I am in southern NH and I do believe you when you say the leaves are changing. I have a photo on my blog earlier this month of a single red leaf on a tree outside my back patio.

    DH and I share a bathroom and love it. I can't imagine having my own bathroom. Of course, my DH travels about 100,000 miles a year so there are quite a few nights and days when the bathroom are all mine. Maybe that's the secret to sharing a bathroom.

  6. I love your choices and what fun it will be!
    I have a small bathroom too and I actually love it that way!
    I do believe the leaves are changing! They are beginning to change ever so slightly here!

    LOVE your quilted purses!


  7. Chris,

    Having pen pals can be so much fun. Sounds like you had a great experience in the past with pen pals.

    Happy Weekend!


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