Monday, March 31, 2008

Please Mr. Winter, Go Away

We're still in the grips of winter here if you can believe it. More snow today and several other days last week although there was one day last week that it got up to 55 degrees and I had to open my car window because I was hot! We have now broken our 100 year record for most snow in a winter and are still working on the all time record. I lost track of how many more inches we have to go to get to 122 inches but I think it is only about 5 inches which we'll make for sure at the rate we're going. Now all you southern and Californian bloggers please stop showing us your pictures of your flowers blooming in your yards and I'll be a much happier blogger.

In the meantime I have done some sewing and have managed to put together this quilt. It is a Miss Rosie pattern called Ginger Belle and I love it. I used a lot of my stash for this which I am going to try and use a lot of this year. Just need to add the pieced borders onto it and then off to the quilter it goes. Now if all these fabric designers would stop making all those new fabulous fabrics out there I could get my stash down. Have you seen Prairie Paisley? I may have to break my vow and get some of that.
In the meantime I'll leave you with a picture of my grandson, Baby C, who is almost one year old and now walking! Only one tooth that just popped through this past weekend, but other milestones, like walking, he has down. Running will probably be this week! I babysit him every Friday and love seeing the changes in him from week to week. His Dad, my son, used to make this exact face. If this pictures doesn't cheer you up nothing will.


  1. What a cutie that little boy is *s*

    Sorry to hear there is more snow. I just can't help myself with the flower photos . . . and remember - I never get to make a snowball!

  2. fabulous quilt! your grandson is darling

  3. Your quilt is just gorgeous but the real star of this post is Baby C. He is seriously cute - lucky nana..

  4. Very pretty quilt - I'm feeling inspired! I saw Prairie Paisley at the quilt show in Lancaster,PA a few days ago. I couldn't help myself. I started petting the bolts!

  5. Love the quilt and who doesn't love a baby, so cute!

    I feel your pain as to the weather. I'm over here in Maine and we have the same snow and cold, ugh,ugh, I dislike and want spring.

    : )

  6. What a precious grandson :) Ginger belle is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  7. I love your quilt, what a great stash you must have, mine seems very uninspiring. Your grandson is gorgeous - what a smile!

  8. Your grandson is totally adorable!!

    Love the quilt top. The colors are marvelous.

  9. Ginger Belle looks wonderful...great colors! Here's hoping for spring thaw soon!


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