Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Caryl's Journey of Hope

I had a comment from a new reader, The Chocolate Cat, on my last post so I went and checked her blog and she had a thoughful post about children who are sick. Made me want to hug my grandson even more and hope he always stays as healthy and happy as he is now. So go read her post-it'll give you perspective on your life.

Anyways, the young lady on the right in the above picture is my daughter Caryl. Please go to this link and read about her Journey of Hope that she is doing this weekend. There are many MS walks taking place in April around the country so if you know someone who is walking please sponsor them. There's nothing worse for a parent than finding out your child has a disease but the way she has handled it all has been a comfort to myself and my husband. She even teaches first grade full time, is married and has another part time job! I get tired thinking about it and I don't have MS. She's amazing.


  1. Check this ladies blog out...she is a great quilter with MS.

  2. Link you provided was very good.

    Seeing a innocent child with disease is very painful, i wish every one of them speedy recovery. I personally support many charity in child health, least i can do.

    Wish you healthy and prosperous life.


    Anuj Pathania
    Business Consultant

  3. My sister has had MS for more than 20 years and (thanks be to God) she is still quilting and taking care of her family.

    Best to your family. I hope Caryl has a great and uplifting walk!!

  4. It is so sad reading about any child with a health problem. My little one had 4 heart surgeries (2 open heart) before the age of 3. It is intensely painful to live through.

  5. So many people with healthy children have no way of realizing what a precious gift they have... it is only when that gift is taken away that they begin to understand. (from the mother of an adult son with mental disabilities).

    The good news is that our children continue to bless and amaze us with their persistence, heart, and perserverance.

  6. stop by Friday post a special treat for ya.

  7. She sounds like an amazing girl and you are justifiably proud of her I can tell. Good luck Caryl.


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