Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crock Covers

It's amazing how collections start. When we tore down our old garage last spring to build the new one, we had to clean out everything from the old one. I found it cathartic to get rid of alot of junk and to find some old treasures I had forgotten about. I seem to have collected several crock covers so I decided to display them in my basket that is always on my front porch.
The one on the left I bought at a yard sale a while back, the one in the front is the cover to a bean pot that I bought in Maine that I use to plant geraniums in, and the one on the right came from my Mom's house. I even had another one on display in my summer kitchen.
And now wherever I go I see lids. My daughter and I were on an antiquing outing a few weeks ago and I found these ones for $5.
And here's the fourth one of that set hanging out in my bathroom on my green shelf that is always changing.
And since we're on a Halloween theme here, Baby C wishes you all a Happy Halloween!


  1. Baby C is adorable! And I love the way you have decorated with the crock lids. Very original.

  2. I love Baby C! what an adorable costume! BUT the eyes are gorgeous and the face OMG! I love the way you can decorate too!

  3. What a great way to display your finds.

    Baby C is adorable . . . oh my, if only all dragons were so sweet *s*

  4. Baby C is a cutey!!! Love the lids! I am a mosaic artist and I collect small sugar bowl lids to use in my art. They usually end up as perches on my mosaic birdhouses...

  5. Love the crock covers ~ what gorgeous colors. 'Course Baby C is the cutest!

  6. Wow, Inever thought of collecting lids! Yours are really pretty. Baby C is just gorgeous. I am always amazed at how much babies change in such a short period of time.

  7. Hi Baby C!!! You are too cute for words!!!!!!!

    Great collection of crock lids and I like how you have saved them and used them in a collection of sorts. Fun colors, too!


  8. Such a cute little dragon! Chris, I love your crock lids -- they are like little sculptures, aren't they? I can see why you are drawn to them. I love how you have them displayed, too!

  9. Baby C is such a happy little angel!
    Love your 'covers'.

  10. What a cutie!!! ANd lovely collectible- they almost look like pumpkins sitting on your porch in that basket!!

    kari & kijsa

  11. Crock lids... what a cool thing to collect. They look so pretty in the basket.


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