Thursday, July 5, 2007

Color Themes

Today I'm taking you on a tour of the shelves that are part of my kitchen cabinets. I change them frequently and when I do I don't really have themes that I do but I seem to go with a particular color theme. Right now there is a lot of green/aqua showing up. I have had this sugar canister for many, many years and picked up the flour sifter recently at a consignment shop.
The cracker tin is another I have had for quite a while and the little green bowl is made by the Watt company and is the basketweave pattern. I have a number of different color bowls in that pattern.

I recently picked up the pottery cover cheap at a yard sale because all they had was the cover. But I loved the color and the detail on it so I grabbed it. The cookie cutter gets used mostly at Christmas for sugar cookies.

And finally my tea canister that I have had for a long time and the green salt shaker that appears to be made by the same company, the Ransburg Co., that made my tin canisters I use everyday for sugar and flour, etc. I'll have to post picture of those another time.

So what color theme are you today?


  1. That looks great. I don't know what color I am today... maybe red, I love red, see everything in red, dream red!

  2. Nice to see your theme.
    I think my colour for today is grey- for fear. I have to have a tooth out at an oral surgeon's. I have put a happy pink top on to try to counter the craven feelings!

  3. Love your post! Great colors in your kitchen!

    I decorate with red, black and cabinets are white.

  4. That's a nice display and a great color - so 40's/50's. It reminds me of my grandma *s*
    My current color seems to be red - just can't get enough *s*

  5. I'm have a blue phase at the moment. I'm experimenting with all different shades of blue, only the warm shades though. I adore the tins in this post. Wonderful!!

    Cherry xxx

  6. I seem to always be red and roosters, LOL! BTW, is that flour sifter really purple?

  7. Hi, again. Thanks for the nice comment on the bonnet I made.
    And a purple sifter would be kind of cool!

  8. I love the idea of a color theme! Your green treasures are wonderful, you have them displayed so nicely! Today, my kitchen table is a white/purple theme. White crocheted tablecloth with my purple pansy teapot and teacups on top.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I think red.. for heat. Although Frankie and I went to Carmel-by-the-Sea today and it was so perfect there I could cry. Back home it'snot so bad. I'm not saying cool or anything. Enjoy your nice weather! (showoff)

  10. Oh how pretty! I love your colors...

    I have blue and white everywhere. I have a bit of black in each room as well.

    My dining room is all blue and white.
    So is my bedroom.

    Guest room is burgundy and black and white with a touch of gold!

    Grace's is pink and orange and white.

    Living room is shades of brown, gold, tans...little touches of burgundy and green.

    The kitchen is the same but leans towards a more red/gold/black theme...with roosters and rabbits and pigs. : )

    Your colors are so fresh and bright. I think your home is lovely!



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