Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Block of the Month

Remember way back in January when I started this and then block 1? I haven't been good about posting pictures, probably because I fell behind on this project at one point, but except for borders it is together.
The colors are outside of my comfort zone but I do like the way it looks all together now.
You probably can't see the fabric too well here but some of it has printed words like "home", "celebration", "stability", "love" and "family". So I decided to do something a little better with this quilt than just throw it on one of my beds. My husband is retiring from 33 years of military service this coming March, some of that time in the Air Force and much of that time with the NH National Guard. So in honor of his service I am going to donate it to the NH National Guard Family Program to raffle off to raise money for the many things they do for the families of deployed soldiers. Many families have had a rough time these past years and the Family Program does wonderful things to help them so I hope it raises some money for them. And what's better than a quilt to offer some comfort in these troubled times for our military families.


  1. How wonderful! What a blessing people like your husband who have served in the armed services are! We owe a debt of gratitude to all of them!

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  2. Thank you for visiting me today and leaving a sweet comment. Tell your husband thank you for serving our Country!! We are a military family as well. Love the quilt and what a wonderful contribution for such a great cause.



  3. What a wonderful idea...and a great looking quilt too!! I love these colours!!

    PS We are military as well!

  4. Chris, it's going to be a beautiful quilt, and how lovely that you will donate it to such a worthy cause. We are so deeply indebted to our military families!

  5. What a lovely idea. That quilt is so gorgeous, I wish I could win it!!

  6. That quilt is beautiful and I love that the fabric has words!


  7. What a lovely idea ! I'm sure they will be very pleased to get such a lovely bright quilt. It really did turn out great !

  8. What a wonderful place to donate your quilt. We, too, are a military family and know all too well the struggles of deployments, etc. I'm sure it will be loved in it's new home *s*

  9. Beautiful....This is just so wonderful, so special. YOU know we are a recently retired military family and it is a fabulous cause you are giving so much to. And thank your husband for us as well...serving one's country is one of the highest callings.



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