Friday, January 12, 2007

Starting a New Project

I don't usually like doing commercial Block of the Month projects but this Harvest Home one caught my eye and the fabric arrived yesterday for the first basket block. These bright colors are a little out of the box for me as far as quilts go but I am trying to do something different this year. I have a lot of bright colors in my home but for some reason I stick to the more muted fabrics in my quilts. So I will post the blocks as they are completed and by the end of the year, theoretically if I keep up with it, I will have a queen size quilt. The last time I did this it was a Christmas quilt and I did not keep up with it but I did finally finish it a couple of years later and gave it to my daughter who loves it. The plan is to re-do our bedroom to go with this quilt but I don't know what the heck color walls I would do! Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Based on the last couple of posts, I would vote for a green bedroom *s*

  2. Very pretty pattern and colors. Every once in a while it's nice to try something new. The last quilt top I made was truly 'scrap' in the sense that I used materials I normally wouldn't have. Things, I thought might not 'go' in a quilt. I made myself use whatever pieces I pulled out next. It turned out great--at least I liked it!
    BTW--being a 'green' person, I vote green, too.

  3. I have an old issue of Decorating Ideas and the homes of a Canadian quilter are profiled. She makes very vibrant quilts and has several in her homes. And both her homes are painted in vivid colours. I saved the magazine because I just love both her houses.
    I'd love to learn to quilt and being a colour junkie I like your new project.

  4. Those colors are awesome! I love the lime green! You'll have to post your progress with your blocks so we can see the quilt come together. I wish I had learned to sew and quilt! I admire that you know how!


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