Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Green Obsession Continues!

I don't know what it is about green right now but I see it everywhere. I was out today looking for a treasure for the Pink and Brown Swap and I found the small plate. I already had the green bowl which came from my MIL's house which I acquired about a year ago when she was moving out of her home that she had lived in for 53 years. Anyways, I love the bowl-the holiday M & M's looked great in this over Christmas so I am sure I'll find a way to use the little plate next Christmas or at Easter. I really need to find a new color to obsess about.


  1. Great finds, Chris (I especially love the platter). I LOVE green. Remember, it goes with everything--so when your obsession changes, it will all work together!


  2. What a great find -- that's a very unusual shade of green.

  3. Hi,
    Found your blog through other friends blogs and I have enjoyed all of your past post. I have many of the same likes as you. Come visit when you have the time.......

  4. Do you know what that glass is called, if it even has a name? I have a small bowl and plate in that same pattern but pink! It was in my husband's grandmother's stash of goodies.

    You made me chuckle when you said that your son was more work than your daughter. Ain't that the truth. At least I'm prepared for son #2. :)

  5. I love green! How neat that you found a matching plate...they sure are pretty:)

  6. Ohhh...I LOVE green glass! what beautiful finds!

  7. Green is a lovely colour to obsess about. Its also colour of the heart chakra, it can also be pink, but as I get older, green appeals more and more.

  8. Thanks for all the great comments. Shirlee, I don't know what the pattern is called. When I purchased the plate the label on it said "quilted plate" so I don't know if that is just a description or a pattern name.

    Hey Kim, this color looks good with your inspiration painting, which I love BTW.

  9. Just so cheerful and Springlike! Super can go with so much and will be such fun to use and decorate with.
    Enjoy them!! I loved seeing them..


  10. The green is that color because it was made with uranium. It is commonly called Vaseline glass, and it should flouresce under a blacklight. (Maybe you already know that?? It looks like people were asking in the comments.)


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