Monday, January 29, 2007

Block Number One and Other Quilty Projects

I have signed up to do a block of the month. I don't usually like doing these since I can't be the one to choose the fabric but I jumped and here is block #1.

I like the bright colors in these fabrics and think it will make a nice quilt. In the meantime I have been painting my daughter's old bedroom to get ready for the first grandchild. I am actually going to be babysitting him or her for a month while my daughter in law goes back to work until summer vacation. She is due in early April so will have to go back to work in her school district before the end of the school year but didn't want to start the baby in day care quite yet. So in the meantime I am getting the room cleaned and painted and the crib will be put in there eventually. I cannot believe how many holes in the walls there were. I know as a teen my daughter had many posters but did she have to use 20 tacks on each poster?? Here is the fabric for a baby quilt I started cutting up this weekend. The one with the bows and off white background will also be made into a crib dust ruffle. These fabrics along with lots of more solid looking scraps from my fabric stash will make up a scrappy looking quilt. I just love the turquoise blues and reds together. The walls are a very pale yellow. Then it's off to the thrift, consignment and antique stores to look for some fun accessories to add. That's the fun part!


  1. Chris, you are a busy bee! I love the quilt block--the bright colors look great--the last quilt top I made I used much brighter colors than I usually do and I really liked the way it turned out. Those are such pretty prints you've picked for the baby quilt! You are going to love that month with the baby! Have fun on all your projects.

  2. What a busy, creative lady you are!
    I love that block...such happy colors.

    Very pretty prints for the baby quilt. What wonderful things to look forward to.

    Have fun with your many projects!


  3. You are so lucky to be able to have that time to bond with your grandbaby to be.

  4. You do nice work. It looks great. Happy to see that you have the time to do that. I am just a beginner and finding time is hard, but I do what I can. Thansk for sharing your quilts, Looks great, Allison

  5. What perfect baby quilt colors! Make sure to take pictures of the finished room!!

  6. Ahh - the decorating teen years, I remember them well. I used to have a wall where I put up little items from magazines, newspapers, whatever using a straight pin -- that wall has probably turned to dust by now *s*
    Love those 'baby' fabrics. Have fun.

  7. Hi Chris, another inspiring blog, you have been busy. I love adding embellishments to a project too.It makes all the difference.

    The lamp with the sewing threads in the base is a novel idea, you are lucky to have found something like that.

    Happy Quilting, best wishes Ginny

  8. That basket block is awesome! I really like the colors! Can't wait to see that baby quilt, love the material!

  9. I'm so glad you posted on my site. I am going to get a lot of inspiration from your blog, as making a quilt is on my tado list for this year. I really like your block, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  10. The colors in that quilt block are stunning. Your color choices make traditional patterns look so modern. Great going!


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