Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Woman's Work is Never Done!

I bought this little needlework today and it is appropriately titled "A Woman's Work is Never Done"!! It is now in my laundry room. Although I have less laundry these days with just my husband and myself at home it reminds me of the days when the laundry seemed endless. We have woods bordering our property and my son and his friends were always out there building forts and getting muddy. Our house is the last house on a dead end street so there always seemed to be a hurd of boys and girls here playing and getting very dirty since it was such a safe place to play. There was many a street hockey game in front of our house and in the summer the boys invented a game called "home run derby" that they played with wiffle balls and bats. And a fair number of my neighbors windows got broken over the years too. Remarkably, they still talk to me! I like to think my son and daughter and their friends had happy memories of their childhood here and hopefully my grandkids will too. Now back to the laundry.


  1. Oh wow! Such a sweet, delightful work of art that needlework is! That is just too cute! I loved reading about your children and their street hockey days ~ sigh ~ I can relate to this post so much with the smaller loads of laundry and the memories of all of the children playing on our culdesac.. yes, hopefully we will get to experience some of that again with our future grandchildren ~ lovely post!!

  2. What a sweet treasure this is...just so sweet!

    I loved reading about the street hockey. The children in our neighborhood were always out in the street playing ball well past dark in the Summers. I have such special memories of those years as I know your children do.

    Thank you for the sweet post!


  3. What a darling needlework project! It looks so old fashioned. I grew up in a neighborhood much like you live in and still enjoy all those memories.

  4. What an adorable piece. I think there must be laundry gremlins. Even with a house of only two adults, I often find myself overwhelmed with the amount of dirty laundry we generate *s*

  5. Sweet post. Brings back some memories of my own - my grandmother had a plaque in her kitchen that said: "A Man May Work from Sun to Sun, But a Woman's Work is Never Done." I was just thinking of this yesterday, infact.

    Our previous house was at the end of a cul-de-sac and it also backed up to woods as well. Brings back memories of my son playing with all his friends outside, getting lost in the woods, me freaking out!

    Thanks for visiting me too!


  6. Your little needlewodk is adorable and so appropriate for a laundry room.

    Sounds like your children had wonderful ways to play and entertain themselves and their friends and I'm sure many happy memories.

  7. Very cute needlework and so appropriate for the laundry room. There's just three of us now and I can't get over how much laundry I still have.
    The days of playing in the trees, building forts and getting grimey..reminds me of my youth at my grandparents farm. Didn't need video games, tv or computers to keep us busy.

  8. What an adorable piece of needlework! Oh happy day, to get this. I am enjoying visiting your blog...

  9. We live near woods as well, and my boys are constantly playing in there. These woods butt up to a cow pasture, to which they always seem to end up in. I do so much laundry!

    Love that needle work. Did you do it or did you find it already done?

  10. What a wonderful piece of embroidery! And so apporpriate to have it in the laundry room.

    I think your kids must have had a wonderful childhood. My parents had a big yard and we made many the snow fort and had numerous volley ball games. :) Good times.

    Oh and Joolz swap package was awesome! I saw what she's sending you. :)


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