Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Scenes of Cape Cod

I'm back after a busy week of babysitting which was fun. And then to top off the week I was on Cape Cod for a family reunion, at which my darling grandson made his debut, that I would like to recount here. This is a family reunion that my Mother in law's side of the family has been having regularly since the 1920's and every other year for many, many years. Since 1967 it has been held at the same place on Cape Cod that is just wonderful so I thought I would post some pictures for all you cottage lovers out there. This is a conference center that was originally a religious camp meeting location. People would meet here for one or two weeks in the summer for religious meetings and set up tents. The tents at one point became cottages that remain to this day. One of the walks is called the Midway which goes down a skinny path between the cottages where you can get an up close look at them, which my daughter and son in law are doing here and my husband is in the second picture.

Most of the cottages have the same gray weathered shingles on them, lovely gardens and once in a while a cute garden gate.

This cottage has purple shutters on it with blue hydrangeas in their garden that are about to burst open.
It's a really magical place and I took a million pictures so I'll be sharing them as the week goes on. I feel really lucky to be able to go there.


  1. Wonderful Cape Cod photos - the cottages & gardens are gorgeous! Looking forward to returning and seeing more :-}

  2. That looks a beautiful place! Look forward to seeing more.


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