Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cape Cod Continued....

I had an e-mail question on the family reunion post previously, so I thought I would answer it with a few more pictures. The question was if we stay in these little cottages for this family reunion we were attending? The answer is no we stay in these "cottages", called The Manor and The Lodge.

They were at one time some family's cottages but are now part of the conference center. They are very large with many rooms and a big gathering room for all 101 of us that were there this weekend. And the view isn't bad either.

The beach is just a short walk away. If you look east you can see where the Kennedy compound is in on the point of land Hyannis.

One of this year's activities was kite flying on the beach which was a lot of fun with a great breeze. At one time we had about a dozen kites flying.

My grandson did not seem at all interested in the kites. I'm sure next time he will. But his cute little bathing suit and beach hat were adorable!


  1. What gorgeous photos and a lovely place to stay - I guess I must put Cape Cod on 'must visit before I die' list it looks wonderful

  2. What a beautiful place to stay! And the little guy is just adorable, looking so cozy in the warm sunshine!

  3. Oh, it all looks so charming and your grandson is SO cute! Some day I'll get out to that side of the country and see it all. ~A :-)

  4. So beautiful.. who wouldn't love to stay there!


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