Monday, June 11, 2007

I'll be a Bad Blogger This Week

I'll be mostly absent from the computer this week because I have the wonderful task of babysitting my grandson this week. Heaven! Then it's off to Cape Cod for a family reunion next weekend and I know I will have lots of pictures of that beautiful location so much to anticipate. Until then I'll be here holding hands with this little treasure.


  1. Not a bad blogger . . . a good grandma *s*

  2. From one grammie to another, it's the best way to enjoy life.

  3. From a fairly new grandma...Enjoy every second...the computer will be there forever, your grandbaby will grow up very quickly...Have tons on fun!

  4. Aaaah so cute! I can't wait to see your photos...that's my favorite part of the world.

  5. You enjoy every second of sweet are their tiny hands. When I was still watching my nephew, I dipped his hands in paint and made his hand print to go with a poem I wrote for my sis in law. They stay little for such a short time so you go and have a wonderful time!!!

    We will be right here when you return!

    LOVED your wall of pictures...: )


  6. What a sweet pic! Yes, treasure him while you can. They do grow too quickly.


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