Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Version of the Wall of Landscapes

The amazing Kim at Daisy Cottage has just published some wonderful pictures of her wall of landscapes that she has pictured there before. Whe she first posted about them I thought I should show you my minor display of my Birch Tree Wall so finally here it is.
I especially like this oil painting that came from my Mother in Law's home. My reason for having this wall is not nearly as romantic as a travel themed office like Kim has. When we renovated the kitchen several years ago and pulled the wallpaper off this wall we discovered that the wall had several, shall we say, hills and valleys and some sort of square patch for something. At this point in the renovation we were out of gas so I covered up the wall with the pictures and we vowed to fix the wall "later". It has been four years. It's kind of growing on me.


  1. Hi there Chris! You are so sweet about my landscape wall! I personally loved reading the history behind YOUR landscape wall! And I really like your collection of birch trees! That is creative AND meaningful,especially with the lovely one of your mother-in-law's! This was fun to see!Thank goodness for hills and valleys! ;-)

  2. A very nice idea you have going there - enjoyable to look at and solves a problem, too *s* Funny how sometimes collections just happen when you are not even trying.

  3. beautiful painting and I love your plates!

  4. It looks great. Love that narrow plate shelf too!


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